Quick Dry
Model 3000

Model A3000B


VERSATILE - Temperature adjusts to 550 deg. Intensity of quartz infrared heat lamps can be adjusted in sets of two left and right. Slides on base mount easily. Mount can be adjusted to heights of up to 6" off table with table mount.

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Controls allow for choice of fan only (one 240 cfm blowers) one intensity adjustments for heat lamps.

HIGH SPEED - Able to get maximum speeds possible on material with water based ink, Between 40 to 90 thousand per hour, sometimes even higher depending on materiel, also dpi of ink laid down, model 4000 recommended for glossy stock although 20"dryer works well with 40" dryer for maximum speeds possible, if purchased with Speeded 4'xtable you will have added 4-1/2 feet of drying length to assist in high speed drying.or 2'xtable, 20." dryer can be mounted directly on speedfeed base with printer without additional power. 3,200 watts of power.

ACCESSIBLITY - Heater housing lifts up for easy access to heater elements.

DURABLE - All aluminum case CNC punched high temp powder coated finish, aluminum extruded rail for table mount aluminum heat chamber can stand temp. Up to 900 deg.

INTERACTIVE - Heating elements can be controlled directly through your existing base system, control circuit can be 120vac (standard) or 24vac (Speedfeed xtable) has table mount built in all welded frame and can also be controlled by existing base, and table will control dryer. Table also has option of sensor control so that as soon as material is detected it will activate table automatically for easy roll up ability.Portable mount also available for 20" dryer.

FULLY GUARANTEED - (QUICKDRY) limited 90-day warranty on both parts and labor, with an additional 9 months warranty on parts at no extra cost! (Heat lamps excluded, 5,000 hours of life expected).


ELECTRICAL - 220vac single phase 25amp service, 3 wire 10 gage. Control circuit 120vac (24vac optional).

SIZE AND WEIGHT - 23" long, 5" wide, 40lbs.

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