Unique Features of Mail Manager 2010

Multi-Threaded Background Processing
Allows the user to begin as many tasks as they wish. Mail Manager 2010 will keep them all running, giving the progress, speed and completion times of each task. Example: you can ZIP+4 encode a list while performing a Presort on another list; Importing yet another list and preparing many other lists for MOVE Update processing all at the same time!


Encode 3 Lines of Address in One Pass
The user can even encode 3 address blocks, each containing up to 3 address lines. Capability to ZIP+4 encode 9 lines of address per record. Example: You have a record in a list for the XYZ Company. You can maintain a different address for Shipping, Invoicing and the Corporate Headquarters all in the same record.


Seamless Support of Non-Windows Printers
Mail Manager 2010 has a customized printing engine that enables the user to treat a non-Windows printer as if it were a Windows printer, reaping the benefits of the Windows environment and its technology.


Powerful Expression Builder
Gives the user the ability to produce complex nested expressions for selectivity or calculated expressions. Over 70 pre-defined functions included with information on usage, syntax and examples. Example: InTable compares a field in your list against values in a text file to select certain records. Pre-defined functions include several custom expressions unique to the mailing environment.


Web Update Feature
Allows the user to automatically download and install a new version of Mail Manager 2010 off the web. The user has the ability to set his preferences for automatic notification and one-click download of the latest version.


Multi-Print Capability
Allows the user to print labels to multiple printers at once. Choose the printers you want to use and the print job will be evenly divided between the printers selected. For example, printing 200,000 labels, print 1-49,999 on 1st printer, 50,000 to 99,999 on 2nd printer, 100,000 to 149,999 on 3rd printer, and 150,000 to 200,000 on 4th printer. Multi-Print can be used with labels and various reports.


Packaging or Moving Lists
Allows the user to compress all files associated with a list, including a header reference and move them to any computer with Mail Manager 2010 installed.

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