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Used and Refurbished Mail Equipment: A Wise Investment

What’s the sense of making sure your company’s invoices, sales materials, samples or letters to customers are completed on schedule if they don’t leave your mail room on time? As your business grows, your mail room’s capacity to handle ever-increasing volumes of mail will shrink. Eventually, your mail room will be incapable of keeping up with your mailing demand. Think of all the lost opportunities and added cost this represents.  This is where quality mailing supplies, equipment, and systems can really reap long-term rewards for your business. 

Equipping your mail room with modern equipment such as conveyors, inserters, folding equipment and feeders are all necessary equipment for streamlining your mailing operation.  New equipment can take a big bite from your budget so why not look into purchasing or leasing used and refurbished equipment? It is as good as new, is backed by a warranty and costs less money?

Refurbished mail equipment such as the Bell & Howell Mailstar 500 have top-notch features and versatility.  This equipment can save thousands of man hours by automating time consuming tasks such as mail feeding, accumulation, folding, stacking, and conveying.  Though initial implementation of mail automation equipment may be costly the new equipment will pay for itself over time and save on manpower.

Refurbished or slightly used mail equipment will save you money as well as give you the opportunity to try out different types of equipment. By saving money on one piece of equipment, you may have something left over in your budget to add another much needed piece all at a price much less that the cost of one new machines. 

Companies who deal in refurbished and slightly used mail equipment usually have huge inventories and are experienced in helping you find the right equipment for your operation.



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