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Do You Know Where Your Mail Is Going?

There are many causes for mishaps in the mail. Improper or unreadable addressing accounts for the greatest portion. There is approximately 500 undeliverable mail items returned each week. Your mail is important and delayed or lost mail causes problems for all types of communications. The US Postal Service recommends that customers use the following addressing standards to improve delivery:

  • Use uppercase character in the address.
  • Ensure address characters do not touch or overlap.
  • Use black ink on a white background.
  • Make sure print is clear.
  • Use standard two letter state abbreviations.
  • Use the appropriate 5-digit zip code.
  • When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address is visible, even if the insert moves.
  • Put the city, state, and zip code on the last line.
  • Include floor, suite, and apartment numbers.
  • Bundle metered mail separate from stamped mail.
  • Do not use punctuation marks.
  • Do not print anything below the zip code line.
  • Use departmental names and building names if necessary.

After printing the final draft of a letter, you carefully fold it in thirds with nice even creases, slip it into an envelope that matches the paper, and precede to chicken-scratch the address onto it. The professional look fails in this scenario. Printing an envelope adds that finished touch to an otherwise flawless piece of correspondence.

To simplify the process, use an envelope printer. There are thousands to choose from, but be sure that the envelope printer you choose can print on glossy paper. If it can't the ink can smear and your address will be unreadable.

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