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Computer Based Training Courses

Computer Training Computer Based Training courses online, on CD-ROM or on DVD are a great way to expand you knowledge. There are many benefits to computer based training such as lower costs, versatility of use and professional instructors that are the top in their fields.

Generally computer based training costs lower than similar courses that are instructor lead. For example a 10 hour computer based course may cost about $100 or less. This is equivalent to only $10 hour.

Versatility of use is definitely one of the be benefits of computer based training. Learning at your own pace is a proven to be a very effect way to learn. You can use it when you want, how you want and as many time as you want. Learning quality is increased as you are able to focus on parts of the training that you want to learn and repeat until a good understanding of the topic is gained. With CD or DVD training there is an added benefit of not even having to have an internet connection. You can also keep the training and use it as reference or refreshers to the course whenever you desire.

With computer based training the instructor is usually a high caliber very knowledgeable person in the field.

Computer based training is a great way to learn more, faster and more efficiently than traditional instructor leads training.



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