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Let Mail Sorting Machines Work For You

Mailing to your customers takes a bit bite out of your budget. Regardless of the type of mailing your company is doing, it needs to get to your customer on time and within budget. And, when your company grows so do your mailing costs. And, mailing cost is not just the dollar amount of your postage. It includes the time spent in stuffing, addressing, sealing, handling, postage cost and delivery to a postal center.
If your company is doing volume mailing, it is in your best interest to investigate mail sorting machines. Why train and pay valuable employees to do the work when a mail sorting machine can do the work more efficiently than your staff?

This is how the United States Postal Service resourcefully manages huge volumes of mail on a daily. Smaller-scale sorting machines are available for business use and depending on your company’s needs there is one suited for your operation.
Modern mail-sorting machine have the technology to read and sort your mail.  They are fast, easy to operate and require minimum training. For large operations there are sorts that are capable of handling upwards of 50,000 pieces of mail per hour. They have multiple destination bins, technology to help prevent run stalls and Optical Character Readers (OCR). They are excellent for high volume mailing projects for universities, insurance and financial institutions and mail houses.
Smaller mail-sorting machines can output between 7,000-10,000 pieces per hour and are smaller in size making them ideal for smaller mailrooms where space is a premium. Though smaller in size they have time saving features that include OCR as well as diagnostic and postal analysis software. 

They can handle letters, postcards, flats, bulk mail and mixed mail. They are available with address printing software, accessory bins, multiple pockets, chutes, and multi-sorters. The excellent dependability and versatile features of mail sorting equipment make it worth your while to investigate owning one for your business. It will not only save you time but money as well.



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