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Key Business Development Ideas

Things change all the time in the business world. In order to stay abreast of new developments that may help your business, you have to be paying attention to what’s going on. So how do you do that? How about reading current business magazines, subscribing to certain online blogs, being a member of a local business group, and/or watching or listening to business news? All of these methods can help you stay informed. So what are some of the hot trends in business? What are some developments that you can take advantage of?

Here are some great business ideas and resources:

Trying E-Learning: Remember when learning only happened in the classroom? Not anymore. The rise of the internet has fueled an entirely new method of delivering education – especially for people on the go, who need to have quick solutions. Whether you want to learn a new software program or improve your interpersonal skills, or a thousand other topics, E-Learning can get you where you need to be. In fact, some experts say that e-learning in the corporate environment will grow at 30-40% over the next few years. The opportunity for small business? To specialize in delivering highly focused content to a certain segment of the population.

Utilizing an On-Site Computer Service: Over the past few years, the market for computer services has grown to over $300 billion. And like car dealerships, there is no national chain. Everything is done on a local level. The problem is that computers and software have grown increasingly complex, but people who are truly tech savvy, has remained small. Most people don’t know – or care to know – how to fix their computer. That’s for the experts. On-site computer consultants can come to your home or business to repair, upgrade and network your computer. Geeks on Call is one of the largest, has grown to almost 70 franchises in less than 2 years.

Engaging a Management Consultant: Even though some people claim hiring a management consultant is a waste of time, the field continues to grow. The bottom line is that they help a lot of businesses get through some touch challenges. And the best part? Some of them can be reasonably priced for the value they provide. You just need to be selective. Currently, there are 75,000 independent consultants in the U.S. Typical fees range from $100 per hour to $500 per hour.

Hiring a Public Relations Consultant: Lets see, you need to get your name out there, but want to do so by having third parties say all kinds of great things about you. How do you do it? You hire a Public Relations expert. Let’s face it; consumers are bombarded with products, services, brands, and ads all day long. You need to break through the clutter and gain credibility in your market. A freelance PR consultant can get magazines and television to talk about you in a positive light. Try it! It may be the best thing you ever spent your money on.

So there you have it, some great ideas worth considering. If you are a business owner, taking advantage of these trends could really help you. And even if you don’t, it still helps to know what’s going on out there. Not only does it help you get answers for your most important current business questions, but it helps you predict new developments in the future.



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