Developing Powerful Mail Management Software of the 21st Century

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The Total Mail Management Software System

Mail Manager 2010 is a high performance, PC-based Mail Management Software System for Windows designed for the professional mailer.

This program is a trendsetting compilation of features, functions and capabilities that are unique to Mail Manager 2010. It allows the user to optimize postal presorts, utilize streamlined database maintenance functions, experience a reduction in mailroom production costs, and enjoy the benefits that come from improved deliverability of mailpieces.

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Unique Features
These powerful, unique features put more control and flexibility into your mailroom operation, allowing you to minimize your effort and maximize your equipment usage and production efforts.
. Multi-Threaded Background Processing

. Encode 3 Lines of Address in One Pass
. Seamless Support of Non-Windows Printers
. Powerful Expression Builder
. Web Update Feature

. Multi- Print Capability
. Packaging or Moving Lists

Optimize Postal Presorts
Mail Manager 2010 allows you to make all your presort choices from one presort screen, choose multiple SCF, BMC and DDU Discounts, and print out the proper documentation to present your mailing to the post office.
. USPS Presorts Performed
. Claim SCF, BMC & DDU Discounts
. USPS Presort Documentation

Streamlined Database Maintenance
With Mail Manager 2010, the user has complete control over the design and maintenance of a list layout, access to the "Don't know let us guess" and joining/splitting fields features during import, alignment of fields in the layout and on labels, and the ability to filter data and make gender assignments.
. List Maintenance
. Create Layouts for List
. Alignment
. Modify Layouts
. Importing Files Supported
. Exporting Files Supported
Data Filters
. Gender Assignment
. Join/Split Fields

Minimize Mailroom Production Costs

Mail Manager 2010 is unequaled in the software industry in its ability to provide the professional mailer with the features and functions needed to operate today's technologically advanced mailroom with ultimate efficiency. The user is enabled to maximize the internal production capabilities of both equipment and manpower. The end result is faster acceptance and processing of mail by the USPS at the lowest possible postage rates; reduced internal mailroom production costs; faster equipment ROI's and greater profit margins.

. Printers Supported
. High End Inkjet Support
. Machine Readable and Visual Separators
. Special Label Fields
. Writing Presort Information to Electronic File

Improved Deliverability
Utilizing Mail Manager 2010 updates every other month links you to the latest ZIP code information from the United States Postal Service. Encoding your list increases your rate of deliverability and will help you identify bad addresses in your list. The BCC MOVE Update Services enhances your deliverability to recent moves. These tools help to increase the deliverability of your mail to their intended recipients.
. ZIP+ 4 / LOT Encoding
. BCC MOVE Update Services
. Mailpiece Delivery-Related Features

USPS Certifications & Licenses
• PAVE Gold Certified
. CASS Certified
. FASTforward Licensee

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