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High Quality Mail
Sorting Equipment

Volume mailings require efficient material handling and mail conveyors and mail sorting machines are solutions for this need. Pro Mailing Equipment supplies mail sorting machines such as KBS and Accufast mail sorting equipment and conveyors ranging from small sizes up to 12 feet in size. We carry various conveyors designed for the exit of all addressing systems, providing clean stacking for mail tray preparation and drying time.

Mail Handling Equipment:


  • Two 750 watt heating elements.
    130 degree heat generation with one lamp.
    160 degree heat generation with two lamps.
  • Three axial fans.
  • Steel construction, 6W x 7H x 30L, 40 pounds, 110V, 13A.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Application: For those applications that require drying, the KBS-Dryer provides warm air over 30 inches of conveyor.

6 Stand Alone Conveyor

  • 1/4 HP 90 volt variable speed motor
  • 6 foot long, 14 inch wide, height adjust 29 to 39 inches
  • Solid state control box (moveable L to R or R to L)
  • Adjustable magnetic back stop with strap hold down
  • Casters on one end with leveling pads on other
  • Steel frame construction

Also available: KBS-12 stand alone conveyor

  • Two sections with independent belts using the same motor
  • Sections in-line with chain drive
  • Tie rod for stability

3 Wedge table top conveyor

  • Dayton direct drive chain & sprocket motor
  • 3 foot long conveyor belt
  • 4” to 5 ½” height, 42” long, 14” wide
  • 9 1/? wide quad top Trico endless A channel belt
  • Steel frame construction
Run in-line straight or in L configuration
Run left to right or right to left just by turning

2 Postage machine conveyor

  • Postage machine conveyor
  • Dayton direct drive chain & sprocket motor
  • 2 foot long, 6 inch wide Trico A channel belt
  • Steel frame construction
  • Pulse switch

4 stand alone conveyor

  • 1/17 HP 90 volt variable speed motor
  • Four foot long, 14 inch wide, Height adjust 29 to 39 inches
  • 9 ½ inch wide, A channel, Trico belt
  • Solid state control box (moveable L to R or R to L)
  • Run straight or L configuration
  • Adjustable magnetic back stop with strap knock down
  • Four leveling pads for tilt or leveling
  • Steel frame construction
  • Pulse switch


  • In-line bump turn for Tab/Ink Jet applications
  • Steel construction
  • 1/8th HP, chain drive motor
  • Variable speed up to 18,000 per hour
  • Free standing, adjustable height 29" to 42"
  • Turns pieces up to 6 x 9
  • Adjustable leveling pads


  • Two 750 watt heating elements
  • Approximately 150 degrees
  • Four axial fans
  • Steel construction, 6W x 7H x 50L, 50 pounds, 110V, 13A
  • Adjustable height
  • Application: For those applications that require drying, the KBS-Dryer+ provides warm air over 50 inches of conveyor


  • Two 4 ¼ inch vacuum transport belts ( 29 inches of vacuum )
  • ¼ HP transport motor
  • Adjustable belt speed up to 60 inches per second
  • Transport width 17 inches
  • L 66”, W 24”, H 29-32.5” adjustable with leveling pads. Optional Suspa unit for hydraulic height adjustment
  • Length includes 17”x 20” adjustable height feeder tray
  • Weight - 140#, Electrical – 110V, 20A
  • Description: The KBS-Vbase is a new multi-shift vacuum transport. The KBS-Vbase can run in-line with an inserter, tabber, POST-IT-NOTE system, or combination of equipment. KBS-VBase was designed with KBS engineering for maximum durability. This unit will provide a stable transport for many years of usage.


We also offer a large assortment of Accufast conveyors and Accufast mail sorting equipment to organize and process your mail. Details on this brand of high quality equipment are listed below.

Accufast 6FV Conveyor

The Accufast 6FV is, as its name implies, 6 feet long. It is sold only as a free standing unit that can be rolled up to many different mailing machines. The 6FV has a single wide belt and can be used straight on or at right angles to its input device.

  • weighs 140 pounds
  • footprint measures 75"l X 21"w x 29-36"h; transport length is 6'
  • uses 115 volts 2 amps 60hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 hz
  • adjustable speeds from 0 - 110 fpm while stacking the pieces
  • no limit to mail piece length; up to 12" mail piece width
  • runs left, right and straight in-line with your prep machines, the control panel snaps into 4 different places for easy reach
  • left and right heights can be set differently to fit a variety of operators and prep machines
  • can tilt side to side and comes with full length paper guide to keep pieces on conveyor
  • adjustable stand comes complete with locking wheels for easy moving
CS3D Conveyor

Versatile input or output 3 foot conveyor.

3FV Conveyor

3 foot output conveyor. Used with XL and Tabbers.

Model TC 48

The TC48 vacuum assist conveyor features two high capacity fans that help control the registration and transport of difficult materials.


Secap Model TC 36

The TC 36 desktop conveyor is an excellent complement to desktop printers. Provides a convenient and hands-free method of stacking printed media.


Model CS-72N

The CS 72N is a 6' conveyor that is superbly engineered. The conveyor is recommended for high speed printers and large volume runs.


Model TD 36

The TD 36 heater/dryer can be used in combination with a conveyor is the professional approach to speeding up the drying process while retaining print quality.




SortMAX Vertical Stacking Conveyor

Sure-Feed's SortMAX will automatically insert slip sheets into the mail stream that is
coming from ink jets, envelope inserters, folders, or even can be used as a stand
alone system with a feeder. The SortMAX can easily cut your labor cost in half on
any of the work cells requiring sorting. An electric sorting signal can be retrieved
from a ink jet database, inserter database, or as simple as a mark reader looking
for an asterisk. Sure-Feed's SortMAX can be manufactured to integrate to your existing
mail processing equipment such as all types ink jets, inserters (FlowMaster,
DM10, B&H, etc.) Folders, and feeders.


Vacuum Conveyors

Sure-Feed's Vacuum Conveyors are perfect for attaching, ink jetting, labeling (online or offline)


Bump Turn

The Bump Turn takes product as it's originally presented and reorientates it 90 degrees either left or right.


Slow Moving Collection

The Slow Moving Collection is normally used to accumulate shingled product from an ink jet.


Inserter Shingling Conveyors

The Inserter Shingling Conveyor is used to accumulate product from an inserter.


Speed Sort Offset Sorting System

The Speed Sort accurately offsets mail using regulated air.


Belt Turnover

The Belt Turnover takes product coming from an in-line inserter and flips it over. This prepares the newly inserted envelope for ink jetting, labeling & metering.


VPS (Versatile Platform Stand)

The VPS (Versatile Platform Stand) is a product stand that sets it apart from other stands.


Small Product Vacuum Conveyor

The SP (Small Product) Vacuum Conveyor is ideal for transferring small product like credit cards & business cards.



Please feel free to contact our experienced and knowledgeable staff for help with finding the mailing equipment that best suits your needs.


Quick Dry
Model 3000

MODEL A3000B - Dryer

Controls allow for choice of fan only (one 240 cfm blowers) one intensity adjustments for heat lamps.
Click for more Product info and Technical Specifications

Model 5000

MODEL 5000 - Dryer

All aluminum case CNC punched high Temp powder coated finish.
Click for more Product info and Technical Specifications

Model 6000

MODEL 6000 - Dryer

Intensity of quartz infrared heat lamps can be adjusted in sets of 2 left and 3 right.
Click for more Product info and Technical Specifications


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